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Sports Massage Wax is our most popular wax and is used by many therapists involved in sports and remedial massage, as well as many other types of massage. It is being used for massage work on players in first division football, rugby, cricket, swimming, ice-hockey, softball, track athletics, rowing and on jockeys - and these are the ones we know about! If you are a therapist using it for different sports teams - let us know.
Another reason why therapists use the Sports blend, even those who are not practising Sports Massage, is that it has a lemony/leathery scent - making it neither herbal or floral and so excellent for use on male and female clients without the issue of a 'female' or 'male' scent.
The essential oils in this formula are Manuka (Leptospermum scoperium) (from the same plant as Manuka honey)and Lemon (Citrus limonum). Calendula Paste and Hypericum Infused Oil are also part of the formula.
Manuka essential oil comes from New Zealand and has a long history of use by the Maori people and is sometimes called the New Zealand Ti-tree.
Sports Massage Wax is a blend which is an excellent pre and post event massage medium, but also having a wider use for all sorts of different types of massage.


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