NSTT - Kinesiology Taping DVD (2 DVD set)

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Learn how to implement kinesiology taping into the management of musculoskeletal conditions from the doctor who invented pre-cut and ready-to-apply kinesiology taping applications, Dr. Kevin Jardine. Get step-by-step instructions and clinically relevant tips from Dr. Jardine and his team of clinical experts as they share with you their years of experience in applying kinesiology tape to manage common musculoskeletal conditions.

Learn the taping applications and techniques that have been taught around the world to doctors, clinicians and therapists and find out how to improve your patient outcomes. With five hours of video content you will be able to easily integrate kinesiology taping into your practice and use The Kinesiology Taping App as a quick reference to help manage your patients' conditions.

The Kinesiology Taping App is a perfect solution for people who don't have time to attend a hands-on course or are already experienced with taping and looking for a refresher. Save both time and money, while you gain the taping skills necessary to improve your treatment outcomes.


Improve your treatment outcomes

55 treatment protocols and clinical pearls:

19 for the upper extremity

17 for the spine and torso

19 for the lower extremity

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